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  • International Intranets - Suppose a British employee of an international company logs onto an employee self-service (ESS) system to enroll in a benefits program.
    Publisher: HR Magazine Author: Jim Meade

  • Intranet Marketing 101 - In early 1995, a colleague and I built an intranet for our employer, a small management consulting firm. The term "intranet" had not yet been coined, but our goal was to create a Web site accessible only to the company's employees around the world.
    Publisher: CIO Magazine Author: Scott Kirsner

  • Intranets A to Z - Covering everything from applications to infrastructure, we tell you what it takes to build a corporate intranet that's secure, functional and highly habitable for your network users.
    Publisher: Network Computing Author: Ron Anderson

  • Intranets Save Time- But for Whom? - This year, I estimate that the world economy will lose roughly $100 billion because of bad intranet usability. Why is this? The intranet, as the corporate information infrastructure is called, is supposed to dramatically enhance employee productivity. That's the party line, but it's not the reality.
    Publisher: Business 2.0 Author: Jakob Nielsen

  • Intranets: the price of popularity - Coping with intranet growth is no easy task. But with proper planning and the right tools, support for large numbers of users and integration of legacy applications can be achieved.
    Publisher: Intranet Journal Author: Alan R. Earls

  • Is This Any Way to Build an Intranet? - It took the good Lord six days, but Motorola decided to build a portal for 130,000 people in 50 countries in half that time.
    Publisher: CIO Magazine Author: Emelie Rutherford

  • Make Your Intranet More Manageable - The Perfect Program Hasn't Come Along Yet; But You Can Still Get a Good Start With These Early Efforts.
    Publisher: Intranet Design Magazine Author: Steven J. Vaughan Nichols

  • Netting knowledge via the corporate intranet - One of the biggest challenges that any company faces is harnessing the knowledge that is in the brain, computer files and filing cabinets of each individual.
    Publisher: Author: Kim Ann Zimmerman

  • Operation Brain-Trap - By banishing paper, a Spanish consulting firm forces its employees to share their knowledge online.
    Publisher: CIO Enterprise Author: Gary Abramson

  • Outside Input for Intranets - Third-party infomediaries filter and focus the mass of information on the Web.
    Publisher: Knowledge Management Magazine Author: Amanda Mitchell Henry

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