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  • eCommerce Takes Off - How will electronic commerce dramatically change the business landscape? The author posits theories of improved efficiency for transactions, changing channel relationships, expanding global trade and exploding revenues.
    Publisher: Author: Jane C. Linder

  • Emancipation Proclamation - The authors of Net Slaves pay tribute to the unheralded victims of the dotcom revolution.
    Publisher: Author: Meg Mitchell

  • End Game - David Weinberger, coauthor of The Cluetrain Manifesto, talks about the impending death of corporate life as we know it.
    Publisher: CIO Magazine Author: Emelie Rutherford

  • Freedom to Roam - How will ubiquitous connectivity change the way workers work and consumers consume?
    Publisher: Author: Scott Kirsner

  • Get Ready to Grow - The question is, What are you doing right now to get ready for the coming good times?
    Publisher: Author: Dana Blankenhorn

  • How Does Your Garden Tank? - Despite millions in venture capital and plenty of water, couldn't survive the Internet's blight. Learn what went wrong from COO Jamie O'Neill.
    Publisher: Author: Elaine M. Cummings and Kathleen S. Carr

  • How the Recession Saved My Career - A Web designer looks back at sites designed for high-tech clients, lamenting excesses of the IPO craze. Now that it's over, the persistent programmers and diligent designers are ready to make real progress.
    Publisher: Author: David McKnight

  • How to Successfully Manage a Digital Business in an Economic Downturn - The question is not what economic environment we are entering into, or whether e-business works, or is e-business here to stay, but rather how can a business leverage a scalable e-business strategy that will service their needs both now and in the future.
    Publisher: Author: Mike Myatt

  • Hype Springs Eternal - Like most of the forty-niners who didn't leave California with much gold, those panning for quick e-commerce riches are also going bust. It's time to get real.
    Publisher: Author: Tom Davenport

  • Internet E-Commerce: Delivering on the Real Promise - The State of E-Commerce:Is It for Real? Let's face it: some signs are encouraging, but true success stories are few and far between.
    Publisher: Author: Chris Dallas-Feeney ; Grande Bucca ; Michael Appel ; Aditya Bhasin

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