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  • A call to eAction - The Electronic Economy Is Reshaping the Way We Do Business. Adapt Now, or Lose Market Share Tomorrow.
    Publisher: Accenture     Author: Accenture   

  • A Policy of Restraint - Because the Internet is moving much faster than any bureacracy, committee, or legislative process, it is a mistake to think that it will develop under the kind of regulation we were able to apply to, say, the phone system or broadcast media.
    Publisher: Think Leadership Magazine from IBM     Author: Lou Gerstner   

  • A strategy for eCommerce transformation - Many Companies Can Become "E-Business Communities," Says the Alliance for Converging Technologies. But First, Each Must Redefine Its Value Proposition.
    Publisher: Accenture     Author: David Ticoll and Donald Tapscott   

  • All the Web's a Stage - Once dominated by U.S. surfers, the Web's user population has taken a decidedly global tilt that creates imperatives for e-businesses looking to grow.
    Publisher:     Author: Steve Ulfelder   

  • Amazon Gets The Last Laugh - CEO Jeff Bezos went from Internet poster boy to Internet piñata. Well, here we go again: The online retailer's surprisingly strong showing -- on both Wall Street and its bottom line -- indicates that the company may be closer to success than ever.
    Publisher: Business 2.0     Author: Chip Bayers   

  • Amazon's Conundrum -, the company that could do no wrong by Wall Street, has fallen out of favor. But it is the market, not the company, that has changed.
    Publisher: Business 2.0     Author: John Frederick Moore   

  • And Then, Just When You Thought the New Economy Was Dead ... - Have information technologies launched us into a new era of faster economic growth and altered rules of competition? Or has their impact been vastly oversold by an unholy alliance of e-consultants, journalists, and IPO hucksters?
    Publisher: Business 2.0     Author: Jerry Useem   

  • Annotated Principles of the New Economy, Slightly Revised - Amended and (gulp) corrected. More than three years ago, in our inaugural issue, we published "The 10 Driving Principles of the New Economy." Things have changed since then, as you may have noticed, and people are less inclined to agree that new business principles are called for.
    Publisher: Business 2.0     Author: Jerry Useem   

  • Battle over Buyers - In conference rooms around the globe, brand managers and manufacturing executives are huddled in secret strategy meetings. Their goal: Sell their products directly via the Internet without alienating their retailers and dealers.
    Publisher: Business 2.0     Author: Patricia B. Seybold   

  • Best intentions: A business model for the eEconomy - Success in today's virtual marketplace will depend on creating networks of cross-industry partners to provide products and services related to the customer's basic life objectives.
    Publisher: Joel P. Friedman and Toni C. Langlinais     Author: Accenture   

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