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  • The Ultimate Domain FAQ - All the domain questions you wanted to ask but didn't know who to turn to.
    Publisher: Author: Scott Clark

  • Trademarks and the New .biz and .info Domains - As two new top-level domains -- ".biz" and ".info" -- are introduced, trademark owners have an unprecedented opportunity (and, some might say, obligation) to protect their property in cyberspace.
    Publisher: Author: Jay Hollander

  • What Do You Name a Net Firm? Hurry, the Choices Are Dwindling - At least 100 Internet-related companies have announced name changes in 1999, according to an Internet World review. In a single week in late April, 20 of them took new names and another five announced plans to do so.
    Publisher: Internet World Author: Andrew Marlatt

  • - The question Shakespeare asked is still a good one. It is also increasingly important due to the shortage of available domain names. So here are some general Web naming rules that might make your life easier and enhance your users' ability to find you.
    Publisher: Author: Blake Rohrbacher

  • Why and How to Rent a Domain Name - Renting a domain name from someone who's already registered it sometimes can be an attractive (or the only) option available if you want to use it.
    Publisher: Author: Jay Hollander

  • Why You Should Buy Extra Domain Names - I didn't used to advise buying extra domain names, but I do now -- and not for domain name speculation, either.
    Publisher: Web Marketing Today Author: Ralph F. Wilson

  • You Paid How Much For That Domain Name? - Selling domain names - that's the business to be in. It's a licence to print money. We're talking telephone numbers here; the domain name was recently sold for a staggering $8 million.
    Publisher: Web Developers Journal Author: Gail Robinson

  • Your Money or Your Name - Laws change to grapple with sticky issues of electronic kidnapping and extortion.
    Publisher: CIO Enterprise Author: Brett N. Dorny

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