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  • Domain Vacant - High prices for domain names make speculators rich, but that's bad news for the rest of us. Many easy-to-remember domain names are registered but not used, so we finish up in a virtual world of weird, complicated names that are hard to remember.
    Publisher: Web Developers Journal Author: Andrew Starling

  • How to Select a Domain Name for Your Company - There aren't as many available names as there were a couple of years ago, but you can still find excellent ones. Here's what to look for in a domain name.
    Publisher: Web Marketing Today Author: Ralph F. Wilson

  • How to Select a Good Domain Name or Two - I've developed a four point scoring system to determine whether a given domain name is a good choice. Give one point for each criterion that passes muster.
    Publisher: Author: Dr. Ralph F. Wilson

  • Longer Domain Names Arrive - Several domain name registrars are now selling names of up to 63 characters long (67 if you include the .com, .net or .org portions), which has sparked a wave of speculation that these longer names pose new opportunities with search engines.
    Publisher: Search Engine Watch Author: Danny Sullivan

  • Name Calling - Wrestling over domain names is the latest corporate contact sport. Who will referee?
    Publisher: CIO WebBusiness Author: Fred Hapgood

  • New Domain Names: Trademark Protection - Article about how to make surey your trademarks are protected when registration of the new top-level domain names begins.
    Publisher: Author: Erik M. Pelton

  • The Advantages of Licensing (Not Selling) Domain Names - Domain names can become quite valuable, and some have even sole for more than $1 million. But rather than selling a domain name, it may be wiser -- and ultimately more lucrative -- to "license" the domain name. This article explains what a domain name license agreement is and why you should consider using one.
    Publisher: Author: Jonathan Bick

  • The Future Of Domain Names - If you've been following the industry news lately, you may know about the big "Bah Humbug!" eToys has given the European art group etoy, taking them to court for trademark infringement.
    Publisher: Author: Sean Carton

  • The Impact of Reverse Domain Name Hijacking - "Reverse domain name hijacking" is a tactic used by a complainant in bad faith to attempt to deprive a registered domain-name holder of a domain name.
    Publisher: Author: Jay Hollander

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