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  • .Com: The World’s Most Expensive Address - We've got seven new family members to supplement ".com" domain names. So the problem's solved, right? Think again. These new address structures are likely to be no more popular than the ".net" address.
    Publisher:     Author: Martin Lindstrom   

  • An Overview of the Best Practices Report for Country-Code Domains - Different countries have created different rules for registering domain names and resolving disputes. Now, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has issued a report that provides some guidelines for handling these important issues.
    Publisher:     Author: Peter K. Yu   

  • Buying and Selling in Domain Name Auctions - A whole industry is churning away concerning after-market domain names, with its own set of auction sites, brokers, appraisers, etc. Here's a peek at how this is done.
    Publisher: Web Marketing Today     Author: Ralph F. Wilson   

  • Cybersquatters Got Your Name? - Why being a master of a domain (name) ain´t easy, and what you must do to protect it.
    Publisher: Fortune Small Business     Author: Bronwyn Fryer   

  • Domain Name Delays Creating Confusion - For several years, the Internet community has debated whether to expand the number of top-level domains available for registration. While the debate has included some important issues -- such as how to protect trademark rights -- the delays have led to great confusion.
    Publisher:     Author: Doug Isenberg   

  • Domain Name Disputes Over Celebrity Names - Celebrities are taking advantage of a new dispute procedure and trademark law to fight cybersquatters. In two early cases, the celebrities have won.
    Publisher:     Author: Ivan Hoffman   

  • Domain Name Dropping - Hunting for a new home-sweet-home in Silicon Valley can be anything but sweet. Housing prices are as inflated as your average startup’s estimated worth.
    Publisher: Business 2.0     Author: Business 2.0   

  • Domain Strategies for Geniuses - A marketing manual / guide to registration issues and problems with getting THE domain name.
    Publisher:     Author: Rick E. Bruner   

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