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  • Essential rules for banner buying - Your site can make money on the Internet. You can even make money advertising with banner ads. You just have to know the new rules.
    Publisher: Author: Dana Blankenhorn

  • Evaluate a Target Web Site - Just because a Web site looks good doesn't necessarily mean it's the right place for your ad.
    Publisher: CNET Author: CNET

  • Evaluating sponsorship opportunities - Many advertisers are beginning to test site sponsorships, which are usually much more costly and extensive than a simple banner buy.
    Publisher: Author: Brad Aronson

  • Getting the Right Ad Play -- without the Portals - Ad networks like DoubleClick can deliver a wide variety of Web audiences to advertisers, sometimes more cheaply than the leading portals.
    Publisher: Business Week Online Author: Heather Green

  • Hot Spots! - The dot-coms rule this year's $125 million Super Bowl Sunday, targeting up to 400 percent of revenues for 30-second chunks of network air. What a deal, right?
    Publisher: Author: Warren Berger

  • How Effective Are Your Integrated Advertising Efforts? - What's one of the biggest challenges facing companies today? Developing strategies that take into account on- and offline activity. Chris tells you how to get started.
    Publisher: Author: Chris McTiernan

  • How to Avoid False or Misleading Internet Advertising - Advertising on the Internet -- like advertising on TV, radio or in print -- can expose a company to legal liability. The Federal Trade Commission has issued guidelines that advertisers must follow to avoid potential claims for false or misleading advertising online.
    Publisher: Author: Douglas J. Wood

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