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  • And Now, a Word from Our Sponsor - They’re not flashy, they’re not cheap, they’re not a quick hit. But sponsorships give offline companies a lot of online marketing exposure.
    Publisher: Business 2.0     Author: Toni Logan   

  • At CBS MarketWatch, the Glass Is Half Full - With the help of animated beer bottles, interactive charts, and -- oh yeah -- news, a financial website tries to dig itself out.
    Publisher: Business 2.0     Author: Karen Hube   

  • Attack of the Killer Audio Ads - Welcome to the latest method for breaking through the advertising noise -- or, in this case, creating it.
    Publisher:     Author: Lawrence Pintak   

  • Beware the Dot-Com Tollbooth - If you've never heard of "incentivized clicks" or "incentivized traffic," it means a site is advertising in places where users have some sort of incentive to click through on ads.
    Publisher:     Author: Adam Posman   

  • Blacklist of Internet Advertisers - This is the Blacklist of Internet Advertisers. It is intended to curb inappropriate advertising on usenet newsgroups and via junk e-mail. It works by describing offenders and their offensive behavior, expecting that people who read it will punish the offenders in one way or another.
    Publisher: Axel Boldt     Author: Axel Boldt   

  • Disclosure Rules for Online Advertisers - In May, the FTC issued a document called “Dot Com Disclosures” (the “Working Paper”), which provides marketers tools for reducing legal risks.
    Publisher:     Author: Linda A. Goldstein   

  • Does Behavioral Targeting Work? - While marketers have promised this type of targeting capability and precision, the problem is that behavioral targeting doesn't always mean greater results for the marketer. So why has this kind of targeting failed?
    Publisher:     Author: Tom Kuegler   

  • Dynamic Logic's Nick Nyhan on Internet Branding - Founder and President of Internet branding measurement firm, Dynamic Logic, Nick Nyhan, discusses the future of the Internet as a brand-building medium.
    Publisher: avant|marketer     Author: avant|marketer   

  • E-metrics: Refer Madness - Web sellers are adopting new performance metrics. The question is: Are they any better than the old performance metrics?
    Publisher:     Author: Karen J. Bannan   

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