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  • 8 Ways to Avoid Getting Burned by Online Ad Brokers - Although good online ad brokers have helped Web sites sell hundreds of millions in advertising, countless sites are carrying heavy loads of bad debt from deals with brokers who are either inept at managing accounting or outright dishonest. Click on the link below to learn what causes brokers to go bad.
    Publisher:     Author:   

  • A Call to Regulate Web Bugs - Marketers hope self-policing efforts will stave off criticism and the specter of Capitol Hill.
    Publisher: Business 2.0     Author: Jim Welte   

  • Abolish Clickthrough—Now! - As a researcher by training, I typically love data, but never have I seen a metric responsible for more confusion and poor marketing choices. Clickthrough is a treacherous metric that ought to be abolished.
    Publisher:     Author: Rex Briggs   

  • Ad Bureau Mulls Suit Against Promo-Hiding Software Maker - The Internet Advertising Bureau board of directors is considering a law suit against a company it says illegally replaces paid banner ads on Web sites with alternative ads of its own choosing.
    Publisher:     Author: Kevin Featherly   

  • Ad Metrics: Where the Rubber Hits the Road - How does your client know that all that money he or she is blowing out the media chute actually has some sort of positive effect on his or her business?
    Publisher:     Author: Tig Tillinghast   

  • Ad Pricing: Did We Jump the Gun? - Solid content providers with a real audience are being forced out of business because the integrity of their CPMs cannot be preserved. Maybe we got it wrong in promoting the web as such an accountable tool.
    Publisher:     Author: Jim Meskauskas   

  • Ad Strategies for Survival - B-to-B companies might need a dash of mass-market advertising. But the bigger marketing mission lies in customer acquisition and retention.
    Publisher: Business 2.0     Author: Jane Hodges   

  • Ads That Add Value To E-Biz - Web merchants are uncovering a new profitable source of revenue by letting outside marketers advertise on their sites. Though outside advertising revenue is barely noticeable on the balance sheet...
    Publisher: Internet Week     Author: Noah Shachtman   

  • Ads Unplugged - A "wapvert" on every phone? Not yet, but early movers in wireless advertising are paving the way for what could really be the Next Big Thing: "m-marketing."
    Publisher: Business 2.0     Author: Susan Kuchinskas   

  • Alleviating Advertising Anorexia - All over America and beyond, a silent but pernicious disease has overtaken e-businesses. I call it Advertising Anorexia.
    Publisher: Web Marketing Today     Author: Ralph F. Wilson   

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