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  • Protecting Your Web Site From Trademark Calamities: Using Meta Tags Cautiously - Using trademarks irresponsibly can lead to serious legal migraines. One way a business can avoid legal snafus is by being careful about the use of meta tags. Read to find out how to avoid trademark calamities while still having effective meta tags.
    Publisher: The Small Business Journal ††† Author: Miriam R. Lafuente†††

  • Researching Trademarks - An important part of trademark selection is a search to determine if the desired trademark is available. This article discusses techniques and resources available for researching trademarks.
    Publisher: Susan E. Gindin ††† Author: Susan E. Gindin†††

  • The Basics of Community Trademarks in the European Union - The obvious worldwide nature of the Internet means that companies doing business online may need to be concerned with trademark laws in many countries. Fortunately, the "community trademark" enables a business to seek trademark rights in 15 European countries simultaneously.
    Publisher: ††† Author: Peter K. Yu†††

  • The Community Trade Mark - A U.S. Trademark Administratorís Perspective - In a still emerging profession, trademark administrators (also referred to as paralegals, specialists, managers, etc.) are often called upon to coordinate international trademark filing, prosecution and enforcement.
    Publisher: Arnold White & Durkee ††† Author: Mark Plesnicher†††

  • The Federal Trademark Dilution Act of 1995 - In the area of recent developments affecting trademark law, the Federal Trademark Dilution Act of 1995 ("Dilution Act") will have the most significant single impact on the day-to-day practice of trademark law.
    Publisher: McGuire, Woods, Battle & Boothe LLP ††† Author: John W. Burke, III†††

  • The Relationship Between Antitrust and Intellectual Property Laws - The U.S. antitrust and intellectual property laws often seem to be in conflict with each other. While antitrust laws encourage competition, intellectual property laws grant their owners monopoly-like rights.
    Publisher: ††† Author: Shubha Ghosh†††

  • Trademark Infringement - Jurisprudence of trademark law has developed over the last four centuries. The jurisprudential protection of trademarks is based on a number of principles.
    Publisher: The 'Lectric Law Library ††† Author: D. Jennings Meincke†††

  • Trademarks & Business Goodwill - A basic discussion of strong versus weak marks, the need for searches, the value of state and federal registrations and other matters of importance to owners of small businesses.
    Publisher: Franklin Pierce Law Center ††† Author: Thomas G. Field, Jr.†††

  • Trademarks and Internet Domain Names - The immense popularity of the Internet does not come without its problems, including legal issues involving intellectual property rights. One area of particular concern today is the assignment of "domain names" on the Internet.
    Publisher: Christie, Parker & Hale, LLP ††† Author: Wesley W. Monroe†††

  • Unfair Competition & Trademark Infringement - Unfair competition, both the common law tort and the federal statute, attempts to enforce a certain level of honest practices in industrial or commercial matters.
    Publisher: The 'Lectric Law Library ††† Author: D. Jennings Meincke†††

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