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  • Theft of Trade Secrets - Today's fast-paced technology development and interdependent customer relations make it imperative that a wide variety of people have access to a company's sensitive information.
    Publisher: Fish & Richardson P.C. Author: Mark A. Lemley

  • Trade Secret Law: Overview - The most important point to understand about trade secrets is that there is no crisp, clear definition of what they are.
    Publisher: Marketing Today Author: Stepher Elias

  • Trade Secrets in a Dot-Com World - If you have a dot-com start-up, your trade secrets are as closely tied to your success as a multi-million dollar valuation. So, it's very important to identify and protect your trade secrets.
    Publisher: Author: Mark Grossman

  • Trade Secrets/Know-How and Hybrid Licenses - Owners of intellectual property are properly concerned with finding ways of exploiting their ideas, often outside the organization. Others seek to enter, survive or dominate a market through acquisition of technology. The result is a growing demand for licensing.
    Publisher: Fish & Richardson P.C. Author: Fish & Richardson P.C.

  • Turning Trade Secrets into Non-Compete Agreements - One of the more controversial issues in trade secret law today is the use of the so-called "inevitable disclosure" theory to prevent a former employee from working for a competitor in his or her area of expertise.
    Publisher: Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati Author: David J. Berger.

  • Write a Reasonable Noncompete Agreement - Stan Soper explains what you need to do to draft an airtight agreement that will hold up in court and protect your trade secrets.
    Publisher: Author: Stan Soper

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