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  • Evolving Legal Protection for Databases - A database can be one of an Internet company's most valuable assets. However, U.S. law provides little legal protection for databases. This article compares legal protection for databases in the United States versus the European Union and explains why U.S. laws offer little help.
    Publisher: Author: Peter K. Yu

  • Final Report of the Internet Domain Name Process - Defines the policy questions that exist surounding the protection of Intellectual Property and the DNS.
    Publisher: World Intellectual Property Organization Author: World Intellectual Property Organization

  • High-Tech TV Recording, the Internet and the Law - A new breed of high-tech TV recording devices promise to let users skip commercials and send programs to others over the Internet. But the technology already has sparked a copyright infringement lawsuit by the TV industry.
    Publisher: Author: Doug Isenberg

  • Hollywood vs. High-Tech - Disney's Michael Eisner and others say Hollywood will defend its intellectual property at all costs. Silicon Valley eminences like Andy Grove say those are fightin' words -- if it means trampling consumers' rights and squashing innovation.
    Publisher: Business 2.0 Author: James Lardner

  • Intellectual property for a wired world - Especially in today's "at the speed of the Net" communications, it is easier than ever to steal, copy and produce goods in violation of intellectual property rights. What is protected in the United States may not be protected abroad.
    Publisher: Business Law Today Author: Justin E. D. Daily

  • Internet Law 2001: The Year in Review and a Look Ahead - Napster lost, Microsoft settled, terrorism threatens online privacy, and digital copyright laws are out of control. If that sounds like the Internet law year in review for 2001, just stick around -- it's all bound to change, again, and more quickly than you can say "DMCA."
    Publisher: Author: Doug Isenberg

  • It's Our Way or the Highway - Americans Ruling Cyberspace - A look Back at Bad Policy and a Look Ahead at New Policy.
    Publisher: Journal of Technology Law & Policy Author: Brian Berlandi

  • Keys to a Reliable Software Escrow Agreement - A software escrow agreement allows a software licensee to obtain access to the all-important source code and other materials if the software licensor goes bankrupt or otherwise fails to perform as required. This article explains the vital elements of an escrow agreement and how it should work.
    Publisher: Author: Keith Mobley

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