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  • Patent Term Guarantee - A number of significant changes in U.S. patent law are currently being implemented into our patent system. One of these changes seeks to assure patent applicants that U.S. patents will enjoy a patent term that is not unfairly reduced by unreasonable delays on the part of the U.S. Patent Office.
    Publisher: PatentCafe Magazine Author: Eric Snustad

  • Reviewing Competitor's Patents: Are There Risks? - Many high technology companies today either systematically or sporadically track their competitors' patents.
    Publisher: Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati Author: Vera M. Elson and Robert P. Feldman

  • The Truth About Patents - Five Reasons They'll Have Limited Impact On The Web's Evolution.The patent frenzy sweeping the Internet doesn't phase Jerry Kaplan, CEO of
    Publisher: Internet World Author: Bill Roberts

  • What is a Business-Method Patent? - "Business-method patents" are among the most controversial forms of legal protection for some Internet companies.
    Publisher: Author: Gregory J. Kirsch

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