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  • Have You Bargained Away Patent Rights? - Because of a 10 November 1998 U.S. Supreme Court ruling, inventors, entrepreneurs, and their investors had better rethink their patent strategy. The Supreme Court considered whether the on-sale bar should apply to inventions "substantially completed" at the time of sale -- as the Federal Circuit would have it -- or when the invention is "fully completed."
    Publisher: PatentCafe Magazine     Author: Breffni X. Baggot   

  • How Congress Has Reacted to Business-Method Patents - The rise in Internet "business-method patents" in the United States has resulted in Congressional attempts to limit how these new patents can be obtained and used.
    Publisher:     Author: Gregory J. Kirsch   

  • Invisible, Inc. - Nir Kossovsky's Patent & License Exchange is targeting the intangible: landing a market index and auction site for intellectual property.
    Publisher: Business 2.0     Author: Michael Stroud   

  • Method Madness - Patenting Financial Inventions After ‘State Street Bank’
    Publisher: Fenwick & West LLP     Author: Robert R. Sachs   

  • Mr. Patent - Marvin Johnson can't seem to stop innovating. The plainspoken scientist from Phillips Petroleum has 212 patents to his name. Here are the surprising secrets of his creative success.
    Publisher: Fast Company     Author: Alison Overholt   

  • Narrowing the Doctrine of Equivalents in Patent Cases - In patent infringement cases, the "doctrine of equivalents" allows a patent owner to prove infringement even when the claims are not literally infringed.
    Publisher:     Author: Gregory J. Kirsch   

  • Patent Lessons Provided by PayPal and Palm - Patent protection is important for any Internet or high-tech business, as PayPal and Palm have learned from companies that have sued them for patent infringement.
    Publisher:     Author: Doug Isenberg   

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