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Intellectual Property : Copyright

  • Logic Sold Separately - Website for entrepreneurial web developers Article provides advice to external web developers to protect ownership of software behind customer websites.
    Publisher:     Author: Janet Langjahr   

  • Message Board Misconduct and the Law - What can you do when someone posts a nasty message about you or your company on an Internet message board? What if the message defames you or contains your copyrighted material?
    Publisher:     Author: Jay Hollander   

  • Owned and Controlled Licenses - The integration of which I write is when one company purchases another company, in whole or in part, and the second company is in the business of exploiting some or all of the rights owned by the first company.
    Publisher: Power HomeBiz Guides     Author: Ivan Hoffman   

  • The Digital Rights Conundrum - Copyright violations have come to haunt Disney and The New York Times. Are you sure your company has a handle on the proper use of proprietary content? Digital rights management sits at the intersection of intellectual property and evolving technology.
    Publisher: Transform Magazine     Author: Julie Gable   

  • The Importance of Electronic Publication Rights - Are publishers entitled to place the contents of their newspapers and periodicals into electronic databases and on CD-ROM without first receiving the permission of the individual freelance authors whose contributions are included on those periodicals? At least one court has said "no." This article explains why.
    Publisher:     Author: Michael Landau   

  • The Tension Between Free Speech and Copyright - The DeCSS case -- in which a hacker was sued for copyright infringement when he created a program that decrypted the copy-protection scheme for DVDs -- illustrates the conflicts between the First Amendment and intellectual property laws.
    Publisher:     Author: Stan Morris   

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