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Intellectual Property : Copyright

  • An Overview of the EU Information Society Directive - The EU Information Society Directive attempts to harmonize European copyright laws in light of challenges posed by the Internet, new communications technologies and the growth of e-commerce.
    Publisher: Author: Peter K. Yu

  • Authors' Rights in the E-Book Revolution - Electronic books are changing the way authors and publishers do business. The digital nature of these new "e-books" affects a number of issues in publishing contracts, including copyrights and payments.
    Publisher: Author: Bob Pimm

  • Bringing Old Content to a New Medium - Dealing with the Tasini v. New York Times aftermath will be a struggle. Bret A. Fausett asks, do you own your online content?
    Publisher: Author: Bret A. Fausett

  • Busted ... For Being a Computer Geek - There is just one thing I had absolutely never anticipated in my law practice before last summer: one of my high technology clients seeking legal advice because its officers and/or employees had been arrested by the FBI.
    Publisher: Janet Langjahr Author: Janet Langjahr

  • Copyright Basics - Defines all the basic questions surrounding copyright in the US.
    Publisher: U.S. Copyright Office Author: U.S. Copyright Office

  • Copyright Registration Procedures - Defines copyright protection procedures in the United States. Various media and format.
    Publisher: U.S. Copyright Office Author: U.S. Copyright Office

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