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  • Is It E-tailing or Retailing? - There are companies out there selling the same things as you -- and selling more of it. What's their secret? They promise quick delivery and top-notch customer service, all with point-and-click ease.
    Publisher: Author: Tom Shay

  • Losing Their Shorts - Why are all those underwear makers going bankrupt?
    Publisher: Forbes Magazine Author: Brandon Copple

  • New Channels, Old Values - is attracting attention for their success on the Web.
    Publisher: Fast Company Author: Gina Imperato

  • On the Right Foot - Slow to adopt technology in the '90s, the sneaker industry races to use IT to engineer significant changes.
    Publisher: Author: Matt Villano

  • Online Apparel Retailers Get Dressed Down - High customer acquisition costs seem to be kicking pure-play Internet apparel retailers out of the game. Even its latest cash infusion may not suffice to keep Bluefly afloat.
    Publisher: Business 2.0 Author: John Frederick Moore

  • Online Retail at a Glance: Does it Have a Chance? -'s special report on 10 Internet retailers that may not be around for the 2001 holiday season, and what the companies will need to do to survive.
    Publisher: Business 2.0 Author: Emily Fitzloff, Jim Welte, Susan L. Thomas

  • Patagonia: Small world view of big business - Doing right by the Earth yields financial success and more for this outdoor apparel company that believes environmental awareness can be profitable.
    Publisher: Apparel Industry Magazine Author: Holly Welling

  • People Power and Bluelight Bankruptcy - Management consultant Harry K. Jones discusses the K-Mart bankruptcy and why K-Mart is going to have to commit to people to achieve the success it needs to avoid extinction.
    Publisher: AchieveMax, Inc. Author: Harry K. Jones

  • Reshaping apparel: SCM + enterprise control - A look at the status of information technology for the soft goods supply chain and how supply chain management is reshaping the apparel industry.
    Publisher: Apparel Industry Magazine Author: Clay Parnell

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