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  • Time For A Remodel? - Midway through the year, many retail businesses give themselves an in-house assessment of their progress and potential. Strip center owners and managers would be wise to do the same, and consider upgrading various design elements to maximize appeal and profitability.
    Publisher: Shopping Center World Author: Keith Kondrot

  • What's Cooking With Restaurants? - Eateries Serve Up a Smorgasbord of Options for Commercial Real Estate Professionals.
    Publisher: Commercial Investment Real Estate Author: Laurie Joan Aron

  • Where is the Good Life? - Companies searching for a location that can provide a "good" quality of life for their employees will be glad to know that some measurable statistics can help to quantify this sometimes indefinable site selection factor.
    Publisher: Area Development Online Author: Area Development Online

  • Zoning in on Trouble - Keeping an eye on industrial tenants helps ensure compliance with zoning and environmental restrictions on land use.
    Publisher: Journal of Property Management Author: Jack Klein

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