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  • Big Decisions for Medium-Size Firms - Selecting the best location for a medium-size operation requires intensive evaluation of sites and large-scale, long-range decision making.
    Publisher: Area Development Online Author: Marie Daddino

  • Choosing A Site Selection Team - Who you choose to help make this important decision is key to your project's success.
    Publisher: Business Facilities Author: Paul M. Andrade

  • Electric Service Sparks Controversy - While some continue to resist the concept of deregulated electricity service, companies stand to gain a great deal as competition heats up.
    Publisher: Area Development Online Author: Susan Kleemann

  • Global Office Rent Trends - Trying to figure out what a global expansion is going to cost your company can be very difficult.
    Publisher: Business Facilities Author: CB Richard Ellis

  • Home is Where the Office Is - As more and more residents turn their apartments into full or part-time work areas, developing a program to make their lives easier may offer a distinct marketing advantage.
    Publisher: Journal of Property Management Author: Julia Banks, CPM

  • How to Automate Your Collections - Having been a landlord since the early part of 1994, I feel fairly safe in stating I've tried almost every imaginable way of collecting monthly payments from my residents.
    Publisher: Tim Randle Author: Tim Randle

  • MethodsPlanning - Locating a new facility is a complex and time-consuming task. This Methods & Planning Guide will help you to break this task down into manageable steps and give you guidance along the way.
    Publisher: Area Development Online Author: Various Authors

  • Negotiating Incentives - The Art of Persuasion - BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Nucor, Federal Express. These are just a few of the large companies that have received hundreds of millions of dollars in business incentive packages from various states.
    Publisher: Business Facilities Author: Betty McIntosh, Tammy Propst, Christine Hamilton and Reagan Farr

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