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Hope Adoption Services, a BC Adoption Agency, is a licensed non-profit BC adoption agency, located in Abbotsford, BC; facilitating domestic, intercountry and interprovincial adoption for British Columbia residents.

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  • The Email Savvy Organization - There is such a thing as the 'Email Savvy Organization' and it's possible to identify the systems and practices that characterize it.
    Publisher: NonProfit Online News Author: Michael C. Gilbert

  • The Givin' is Easy - Donations rise dramatically as the United Way of Greater Toronto takes its fund-raising efforts online.
    Publisher: Author: David Lustig

  • The Invisible Side of Leadership - The individual, the corporation, and the nonprofit all benefit from their collaboration. But for these gains to be fully realized, corporations need to integrate community involvement into the company's strategy, culture, and operations.
    Publisher: Leader to Leader Author: James E. Austin

  • The New Philanthropy - Innovative forms of corporate philanthropy spawned by the Internet have far-reaching social and economic consequences and they can be welcome public relations boosters for their sponsors.
    Publisher: Author: Fay Hansen

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