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Hope Adoption Services, a BC Adoption Agency, is a licensed non-profit BC adoption agency, located in Abbotsford, BC; facilitating domestic, intercountry and interprovincial adoption for British Columbia residents.

Industry Publications : Non Profit

  • No Place Like Home - Two New York architects are using design to address pressing social challenges -- for the homeless, for war refugees, even for public-school kids. Here's their blueprint.
    Publisher: Fast Company Author: Curtis Sittenfeld

  • Nonprofit Knowledge Management - Short introduction to the principles, lessons, questions, and resources of value to people considering nonprofit knowledge management initiatives.
    Publisher: NonProfit Online News Author: Michael C. Gilbert

  • Not-for-Profit Software Review - Reviews Accounting Software for non-profit organizations.
    Publisher: The CPA Software News Author: Mike Roselius, CPA

  • Positive Deviant - Jerry Sternin's job was to help save starving children in Vietnam. Faced with an impossible time frame, he adopted a radical approach to making change. His idea: Real change begins from the inside.
    Publisher: Fast Company Author: David Dorsey

  • Preventing the Nonprofit Spam Epidemic - As nonprofit organizations begin to embrace the enormous promise of email marketing, they are on the verge of making a very big mistake that will damage their organizational reputation and the reputation of the sector. They are on the verge of becoming spammers.
    Publisher: NonProfit Online News Author: Michael C. Gilbert

  • Related Foundations - Whether the benefits to a trade or professional association of establishing a related foundation will outweigh the burdens differs in each case.
    Publisher: The CPA Journal Author: Jeffrey S. Tenenbaum

  • Research on Volunteerism...What Needs to Be Done - One way to describe the needs for research in volunteerism is to say that everything is left to do. As a professional field, volunteer program management is less than 20 years old.
    Publisher: Author: Susan J. Ellis

  • Technology and Nonprofit Management - The bottom line, management and technology support providers are beginning to collaborate more on a variety of levels. Note the following examples...
    Publisher: NonProfit Online News Author: Michael C. Gilbert

  • The American Cancer Society's Next Crusade - For nearly 90 years, it has led the war against cancer. Now the Society faces another do-or-die challenge: to identify the next generation of leaders who will continue the battle.
    Publisher: Fast Company Author: Bill Breen

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