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  • Special Considerations for Oil and Gas Trust Assets - Whether you are loaning money to be secured by oil and gas interests or are adding oil and gas properties to a trust estate, you must realize that special precautions must be taken to ensure that the acquired property turns out to truly be an asset -- not a liability.
    Publisher: Author: Curtis K. Towery. J.D., L.L.M.

  • Strengthening the supply chain - Three trends accelerating in the auto industry will reconfigure the steel-supply chain. What the automakers do will spread to other steel-using industries.
    Publisher: The New Steel Author: Bryan Berry

  • The changing shape of the Chinese steel industry - China exports coke but imports more finished steel than it exports. Now the world's No. 1 steel producer is focusing on steel quality.
    Publisher: The New Steel Author: William T. Hogan, S.J.

  • The Opaque World of Oil Prices - Slow growth in the U.S. economy and a spike in oil prices could be a double whammy for businesses. Monitoring the factors behind oil prices can help finance executives add value to corporate planning.
    Publisher: Author: Fay Hansen

  • The Vast Reach of Space Commerce - More than 40 years after Russia launched the first satellite into space, commercial space ventures are finally taking off - literally.
    Publisher: Author: Shari Caudron

  • Using Decision Trees to Manage Captial Budgeting Risk - Forest products companies are particularly suited to using decision trees for capital budgeting because they must take environmental and social responsibilities into account as they pursue bottom line results.
    Publisher: Management Accounting Quarterly Author: Jack C. Bailes and James F. Nielsen

  • What a Switch! - Before deregulation, utilities didn't have to worry about customer service. Now they do. But buying CRM software won't do the trick.
    Publisher: Author: Heather Harreld

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