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  • Against the Grain - Webifying a big, diversified company like Cargill is no easy task. But Monica Morse, a managing director of Cargill's eVentures team, believes that the agribusiness giant has what it takes to move B2B from the field of promise to the field of profit.
    Publisher: Fast Company Author: Cathy Olofson

  • Dirty Laundry on the Web - Shell is serious about listening to customers. So visitors can say whatever they like on
    Publisher: Author: David Weinberger

  • Europe's Changing Energy Landscape - As Europe's power industries converge into a single, highly competitive energy market, innovative companies that move quickly will secure the high ground.
    Publisher: Accenture Author: Gill Rider

  • Gaining value from ISO 9000 revisions - The ISO 9000 quality-assurance standard is being revised to focus far more on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.
    Publisher: The New Steel Author: Amy Zuckerman

  • Global Oil Industry Overview 2000 - The objective of this year's overview is to provide current knowledge and an understanding of the main global issues affecting the petroleum industry, including technology, marketing, refinery capacity, e-commerce, M&A and environment.
    Publisher: PricewaterhouseCoopers Author: Michael Cooke and Don Kinnersley

  • Mining for Nuggets of Supply Chain Value -- A Customer Profile - When mining equipment manufacturer Atlas Copco Wagner went prospecting for gold in its supply chain, it discovered a nugget of untapped value. It found that by moving to a Web-based system of interacting with its suppliers, the company can increase the efficiency of its order processes.
    Publisher: iSource Author: Andrew K. Reese

  • Power Distribution -- A Growing Investment Target - Over the past decade investors in the power industry have focused their attention on acquiring generation companies, but more opportunities now are arising in the power distribution (disco) sector.
    Publisher: PricewaterhouseCoopers Author: Elliot Roseman

  • Power Move - Energy, whether it's gas, oil or electricity, is just another commodity. HoustonStreet Exchange and -- both 50/50 Awards winners with B2B intranets -- have figured out how to sell it on the Web.
    Publisher: Author: Karen D. Schwartz

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