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  • Leveraging Distributors to Increase Product Sales - This article argues that manufacturers and distributors have to concentrate their limited resources to jointly develop and execute a focused and specific marketing strategy.
    Publisher: Modern Distribution Management Author: Bill Hodgdon

  • Look, Ma! No People! - The promise of remote-controlled automation is finally making headway in manufacturing settings and maintenance applications. What took so long?
    Publisher: Author: Fred Hapgood

  • Manufacturing makes most of knowledge sharing - Keeping orders flowing is key to the success of any manufacturing company. Through the use of knowledge management systems software, manufacturers are able to share information internally as well as with their customers and suppliers.
    Publisher: Author: Kim Ann Zimmerman

  • Numbers Don't Lie - The third-annual Industryweek Census of Manufacturers shows that small companies trail large firms in best-practice implementation and manufacturing performance.
    Publisher: Industry Week Author: George Taninecz

  • Re-tool Your Workers - You've upgraded your technology, but what about your workers? Training is not always the solution. In this article, Bill Stetar walks you through a human performance technology model that has been used to produce effective and measurable results.
    Publisher: Advanced Manufacturing Author: Bill Stetar

  • Sara Lee/ Douwe Egberts redefines e-procurement - The consumer goods giant came up with an innovative approach that puts it in the forefront of European companies seeking Web-based solutions to supply chain challenges.
    Publisher: Accenture Author: Wendy Cooper

  • Small Firms Keep R&D Vibrant - Small manufacturing firms must still be innovative and develop new products even if they cannot afford large R & D departments. Based on research done on small and medium-sized firms in Japan, Griffy-Brown suggests that successful SMM's often focus on process innovations, push the frontiers on design and develop niche markets but are content to be followers on the technology frontier.
    Publisher: Graziadio Business Report Author: Charla Griffy-Brown

  • The Role of Technology in Manufacturing - Manufacturing operations, are at the heart of most supply chains, and are currently experiencing an increasing number of options for technology investment.
    Publisher: Author: Paul J. Staid and Paul A. Matthews

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