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  • e-Supply Chain Management: Managing The Extended Enterprise - Consultant R. Michael Donovan discusses how collaborative e-Supply Chain Management will necessitate critical changes in the philosophy, processes and communication systems of how trading partners will and must work together. Donovan provides an assessment checklist and also makes some observations about software and how to get started.
    Publisher: R. Michael Donovan Author: R. Michael Donovan

  • e-Supply Chain Management: Prerequisites To Success (Part I) - Consultant R. Michael Donovan discusses the influences that will push the adoption of e-SCM, prerequisites to success, developing your strategy, ROI and implementation considerations. Two checklists within the article are intended to help management teams provoke thought, discussion and action. (PDF file)
    Publisher: R. Michael Donovan Author: R. Michael Donovan

  • Ericsson Frees Capital By Restructuring Supply Chain - The consumer products division of Ericsson, the Swedish telecommunications giant, found additional dollars to invest in its capital-intensive business by outsourcing inbound logistics and shifting responsibility for inventory management to vendors.
    Publisher: Author: Kurt C. Hoffman

  • Following the sales dollar: Time's a wastin' - Are you getting the best return for the dollars spent generating sales? Ed Finn says many companies, molders included, aren't.
    Publisher: Injection Molding Magazine Author: Jeff Sloan

  • How To Optimize The Human Element Of A Process - Success in a manufacturing process depends on four main areas of input variables: materials, manpower (both male and female, of course), machines, methods.
    Publisher: US Tech Author: Avery Wilson

  • Lean Manufacturing, Six sigma, now know the true cost. - Exploring the true cost of manufacturing downtime. Research and information provided. Justify maintenance cost with free survey, reports, power point presentations.
    Publisher: Don Fitchett Author: Don Fitchett - Designer of Downtime Central

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