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  • Is Your Firm a Revolving Door for Marketing Directors? - Are your marketing directors slipping away faster than a designated runner off a three-and-two pitch? Can't figure out why? Here are the top 10 things that send marketing directors packing.
    Publisher: ABA Law Practice Today ††† Author: Cynthia L. Bowling†††

  • Knowledge Management : Can it Exist in a Law Office? - As I sat in the meetings I couldn't help but wonder how knowledge management could be applied in law offices, how some librarians are already involved in the management of knowledge, and what needs to happen for knowledge management to occur.
    Publisher: Law Library Resource Xchange ††† Author: Nina Platt†††

  • Knowledge Management: Part II - Looks at more specific examples of knowledge management efforts in law offices, how to create a collaborative learning environment and what skills are needed for knowledge management.
    Publisher: Law Library Resource Xchange ††† Author: Nina Platt†††

  • Law Firm Intranets - It's about the Content - Since the focus of this article will deal with an already operational Intranet, I have included a series of sites at the end as a starting place for the types of issues that must be predetermined out prior to beginning this task.
    Publisher: Law Library Resource Xchange ††† Author: Rick Camacho†††

  • Law Firm Management: Lawyers outnumbered - Porzio, Bromberg & Newman sees efficiency in hiring more paralegals than attorneys
    Publisher: Lawnewsnetwork.com ††† Author: Ritchenya Shepherd†††

  • Law In Order - One law firm strives to transform scattered file cabinets into an online knowledge-sharing system.
    Publisher: CIO Magazine ††† Author: Meg Mitchell†††

  • Limiting the Ethical Risks of Law Firm Web Sites - Law firm Web sites would appear to be more akin to advertising than to actual solicitation. As such, the ethical rules and guidelines applicable to ads would apply to Web sites.
    Publisher: LexisOne.com ††† Author: Steven A. Meyerowitz†††

  • Networking When You Think Youíre Too Busy - Just because you canít do everything doesnít mean you canít do anything. Here are some practical tips for keeping the marketing ball rolling even when youíre busy.
    Publisher: ABA Law Practice Management ††† Author: Stewart M. Hirsch†††

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