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  • Free Legal Resource Aggregators on the Web - With the blossoming of the Internet, a great number of Web-based legal research resources, many of them free, have sprouted, making general legal research available to laymen, generalist searchers, and undergraduates.
    Publisher: Ecmag.com     Author: James Jatkevicius   

  • Garbage-Can Decision-Making - I have attended a number of partnership retreats held by professional service firms, wherein the partners attempt to wrestle with some important choice...
    Publisher: DavidMaister.com     Author: David Maister   

  • General vs. Niche: Understanding Your Practice - Developing and running a law practice is difficult enough when the principals understand the direction they're heading. But when a practice is directionless, confused, or — worse yet — working at cross-purposes within itself, the chance of getting anywhere by choice is virtually nil.
    Publisher: LexisOne.com     Author: Robert J. McGuirl   

  • Hitting the Jackpot - As stocks soared in 1999, Silicon Valley firms -- especially Wilson -- raked it in.
    Publisher: Law News Network     Author: Renee Deger   

  • How the mid-sized survive - What are the challenges for mid-sized firms? Consider multi-disciplinary practices, globalization, large-sized firms and law-firm M&As. The authors conducted a survey of mid-sized law firms around the and came up with a framework for action.
    Publisher: Business Law Today     Author: Carol M. Sánchez and Patrick E. Mears   

  • How to Improve Your Cash Flow - Know your weekly cash flow status? The age of your receivables? Vigilance, and small changes, can keep you in the black.
    Publisher: ABA Law Practice Management     Author: Edward J. Poll   

  • How to Word Invoices That Clients Are Happy to Pay - The basic secret in invoicing is to tell the client everything you did. This marketing guru tells why, in his opinion, there is no such thing as an invoice that is too long.
    Publisher: LexisOne.com     Author: Jay G. Foonberg   

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