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  • Digital Deliberations - How the Web is changing the lives of lawyers.
    Publisher: Fast Company Author: Gina Imperato

  • Effective Marketing with Knowledge Management - Knowledge Management (aka KM): What is it? How can we use it now? What will it look like in the future? These are heady questions and the elite panel addressed them expertly at the LMA Bay Area's chapter program.
    Publisher: The Law Marketing Portal Author: Edward Poll

  • Firing up the Troops: Making Rainmakers - In an age where more and more attorneys are fighting over fewer and fewer clients, it's vital that everyone does his or her share of rainmaking.
    Publisher: Author: John Viljoen

  • Free legal help floods the Web - Attorneys everywhere will tell you there's no shortage of people seeking free legal advice. But increasingly, the Internet is giving them what they want.
    Publisher: Red Herring Author: Ken Yamada

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