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  • Is Price Everything? E-finance's impact on the stock markets - Gives background and likely impact of new SEC rules on executing trades on the stock markets. Explains the basic functions of a stock market and how many of the newer exchanges selectively choose among those functions in their business plans. Gives implications for the trader.
    Publisher: Graziadio Business Report     Author: Michael Davis   

  • Merrill Lynch trades on innovation - After Merrill Lynch stumbled embarrassingly late to offer online trading to its retail investors, the venerable brokerage vowed to get ahead in addressing the needs of its most valuable clients: institutional investors.
    Publisher: Red Herring Magazine     Author: Scott Tyler Shafer   

  • On-Line Brokerage: Keeping Apace of Cyberspace - Recent advances in information technology – particularly the Internet – are revolutionizing commerce. The securities industry, most significantly on-line brokerage, is at the forefront of this revolution.
    Publisher: U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission     Author: Laura S. Unger   

  • Overview: Investment Counseling for Private Clients - Investment management organizations recognize the tremendous opportunity to increase fee income by attracting private clients; they also recognize that this client segment presents the greatest challenges for investment managers.
    Publisher: Association for Investment Management and Research     Author: Terence E. Burns, CFA   

  • Ready. Aim. Miss. - You think you had a bad year in the market? Made some bad calls? Hundreds of Wall Street analysts are feeling your pain-or causing it, depending on whom you believe.
    Publisher: Business 2.0     Author: Kayte Vanscoy   

  • Search for the Holy Grail: Demystifying the Stock Market - Financial economists have labored for decades to develop a successful model explaining the workings of the stock market. Despite all their efforts, that model remains elusive.
    Publisher: Capital Ideas     Author: Nicholas Barberis   

  • Stock Buybacks Make a Comeback - Since September 11, hundreds of companies have started repurchasing their stock to boost its price. This strategy can work, but don’t expect a quick fix.
    Publisher: Corporate Board Member     Author: Judy Ward   

  • Stock Buybacks Speak Volumes - With many stocks trading well below their 12-month highs, finance executives are on the spot. Do they support their “undervalued” stock with an aggressive buyback? Or do they hang on to their cash in case the market is right?
    Publisher: Businessfinancemag.com     Author: Richard H. Gamble   

  • Stock Futures - Jerry Putnam is working to build an alternative to the Wall Street trading establishment. He's a maverick, but he's not a wild-eyed revolutionary. And his backers include some of the biggest names in finance.
    Publisher: Fast Company     Author: Bill Breen   

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