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  • A Parting of the Ways - Plan sponsors drop investment management companies due to underperformance, a change of fund managers or a change in a manager’s investment style. Sounds simple, but the decision to cut and run is rarely black and white.
    Publisher: Businessfinancemag.com     Author: Virginia Munger Kahn   

  • Can the Market Add and Subtract? - According to the law of one price, identical assets should have identical prices. Driving this law is arbitrage, in which an investor buys and sells the same security for two different prices to make a profit. In a well functioning capital market, arbitrage prevents the law of one price from being broken, and in fact, violations of the law are rarely seen.
    Publisher: Capital Ideas     Author: Owen A. Lamont and Richard H. Thaler   

  • Face Time With Charles Schwab - Never mind the cuff links: Charles Schwab is an egalitarian. The man who democratized stock trading talks about nirvana, sage investing, and his first bubble.
    Publisher: Fast Company     Author: Charles Fishman   

  • Flipped Out - Online IPOs are back-sort of-but savvy investors need to lower their expectations.
    Publisher: Business 2.0     Author: Loren Fox   

  • Holding Employer Stock: Managing the Risks - It is not unusual for 90 percent or more of an employee’s investable assets to be concentrated in the one investment they feel they know best: their employer’s stock.
    Publisher: International Association for Financial Planning     Author: International Association for Financial Planning   

  • How To Get Comps - There are primarily four ways to get information on comparable sales (comps) when trying to determine the value of a target property. Those four are: 1. Doing Your Own Research; 2. Internet Searches; 3. Service Companies; 4. Access to MLS
    Publisher: Tim Randle     Author: Tim Randle   

  • How to Spot the Next Enron - Want to know how to avoid being fooled by the next too-good-to-be-true stock-market darling? Just remember these six tips from the cynics of Wall Street, the short sellers.
    Publisher: Fast Company     Author: George Anders   

  • Institute Paper on International Taxation of Retirement Savings - The paper observes that the global shift toward funded retirement plans—both government sponsored or mandated plans and employer sponsored occupational-based plans—will not be successful unless plan assets are invested effectively, both domestically and internationally.
    Publisher: Mutual Fund Connection     Author: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (   

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