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  • Life settlements: To sell or not to sell? - Quick cash infusion for aging boomers or avenue to insurance fraud? A new way of bowing out on life insurance policies has pros and cons.
    Publisher: Author: Mark Cybulski

  • Millennium Top 10 for Insurance - The underlying economics of the business is changing, making traditional strategies and operational approaches unsustainable in the New World. Consumers are demanding more for less. These, as well as many other topics, are addressed in Millennium Top 10 for Insurance.
    Publisher: Deloitte & Touche Author: Deloitte & Touche

  • Project Tomorrow - Actuaries predict well live longer, spend more on health care and probably buy more annuities in the new millennium.
    Publisher: Best's Review Author: Sally Whitney

  • Thinking Outside the Fund-Company Box - Once considered lackluster in the pensions arena, banks and insurance companies are meeting (and sometimes exceeding) the expectations of plan sponsors and the results of the giant mutual fund companies.
    Publisher: Author: Virginia Munger Kahn

  • Workplace-violence insurance: Meeting an unfortunate need - Recent shootings have underscored a need for extra security in the workplace, but when things go wrong, this type of insurance pays for medical expenses, extra security, temporary employees, and more.
    Publisher: Author: Joe Frey

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