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  • Case Study: Online Marketing to Corporate Insurance Executives - If you're also in a tough market, check out this Case Study to see how Dorsey used a combination of compelling site copywriting, an email newsletter and a virtual breakfast Webinar to involve high-qualified sales prospects.
    Publisher: Author:

  • Engine of Transformation - AMP Gears Up for Global Success - Transforming a successful national enterprise, even one already demonstrating significant international achievements, into a truly global corporation demands commitment, discipline and an intelligent approach to risk.
    Publisher: Accenture Author: David Hutchins

  • Hidden Value - Conservative underwriting assumptions of earlier decades may have created some pockets of value among companies that carry those policies today.
    Publisher: Best's Review Author: Ron Panko

  • Insurance Policies - Steven Aldrich came up with the idea for the InsureMarket Web site when he was a graduate student at Stanford Business School.
    Publisher: Fast Company Author: Fast Company

  • Insured for Success - How the World Insurance Network Plans to Revolutionize the Way the Insurance Industry Operates.
    Publisher: Accenture Author: Accenture

  • Insurers Wait in the Wings - A tangle of government bureaucracy and political maneuvering has kept foreign insurers at bay. But now, India may be close to privatizing its insurance industry.
    Publisher: Best's Review Author: Saibal Dasgupta

  • Internet insurance shopping easy, but not always instant - "You've come a long way baby." But insurance companies still have to figure out how to best use the Web to sell their wares, integrate agents, and return instant quotes to demanding shoppers.
    Publisher: Author: Joe Frey

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