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  • How to Tighten Computer Security - Before September 11, directors were quick to urge management to reduce lofty tech budgets. Now they’re asking, “are we doing enough?” Here are four cyber-risk questions directors can be asking--and some of the answers they should be getting.
    Publisher: Corporate Board Member     Author: Marc Myers   

  • Intel Is Putting Its Chips on the Net - Craig Barrett won't let the slowdown in the semiconductor market stop his company's bid to be the world's number-one e-commerce player.
    Publisher: Fast Company     Author: Cheryl Dahle   

  • Legal Issues for Dealing with Application Service Providers (ASPs) - Using application service providers, or "ASPs," is an increasingly popular way to host, manage and deliver computer applications from an offsite location. But ASPs raise special legal issues that any business should address before signing up for service.
    Publisher: Gigalaw.com     Author: Jay Hollander   

  • Lowdown on the Slowdown - Technology budgets are getting hit so hard in 2001, it's starting to feel like the mid-80s again.
    Publisher: Network Computing     Author: David Willis   

  • Marketing High Tech Products: Lessons in Customer Focus from the Marketplace - The importance of speed in high tech markets is driven by increasing competition and the continually evolving expectations of customers (Doyle and Saunders 1985). All of this is compounded by higher levels of risk for both the customer and the producer.
    Publisher: AMS Review     Author: Deborah E. Rosen, Jonathan E. Schroeder, Elizabeth F. Purinton   

  • Net-Enhanced Telephony - When will net-enhanced voice on the Internet become popular? What will OEMs need to know to address the marketplace with products?
    Publisher: Computeroemonline.com     Author: Graham Seabrook   

  • On IT Financing - In this exclusive interview with IBM's top-ranking woman financial executive, Paula Summa discusses the industry, IBM's business and her role in driving the $40 billion Global Financing division.
    Publisher: Financial Executive Online Edition     Author: Ellen M. Heffes   

  • PC Industry Consolidation - What do the cards hold for Compaq, Dell, Gateway, Hewlett Packard, and IBM? Who's Going to Be Left Standing? And How Does This Impact Small Business?
    Publisher: Small Biz Tech Talk     Author: Joshua Feinberg   

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