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  • Brand IT - Promoting IS internally may raise a department's profile and unify a fractured staff. Or it could backfire. Cablevision and Viacom have tried it, with differing results.
    Publisher: Author: Stephanie Viscasillas

  • Bringing ATM Up to Speed - ATM may have lost the PR battle, but the fact is it's firmly entrenched in the enterprise backbone.
    Publisher: Network Computing Author: Joel Conover

  • Controlled Substances - Keeping tabs on all your IT assets may seem nearly impossible, but a formal approach and the right systems can make it pay.
    Publisher: Author: Karen D. Schwartz

  • Dueling Expertise - Every job ad I see for a CIO position, at least here in Silicon Valley, calls for 10 years' experience in networking and serious technical knowledge.
    Publisher: Author: Mark Polansky

  • Entrepreneur in Residence: How to build social capital - A technology company that wants people to talk about it must first do something worth talking about. Most importantly, this means reaching the thought leaders in the industry to gain their acceptance and endorsements.
    Publisher: Red Herring Magazine Author: Desh Deshpande

  • Every Last Dime - While getting a handle on the total cost of ownership remains difficult, smart CIOs will keep seeking ways to reduce TCO.
    Publisher: Author: Malcolm Wheatley

  • Face Time - Vanguard spends 40 percent of their total operating budget on IT, so its CEO and CIO take the time to talk technology.
    Publisher: Author: Steve Ulfelder

  • Fish and chips - Using microprocessors and sensors to make ordinary objects both intelligent and interactive, silent commerce opens up business opportunities and the possibility of new business models.
    Publisher: Accenture Author: Glover T. Ferguson

  • Free Lunch, Anyone? - Linux and the open-source software movement have caught the attention of companies looking to save money on software. But you should look before you leap.
    Publisher: Author: Sari Kalin

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