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  • No Room for Mediocrity - Do you want to check out the future of hotels? Then check into the Peninsula Beverly Hills, where Ali Kasikci is creating rooms with incomparable service -- built around unconventional ideas.
    Publisher: Fast Company Author: Jill Rosenfeld

  • Post-Merger Integration in Hospitality - Over the last several years, we have seen numerous mergers of hotel organizations in what was widely touted as a period of significant consolidation in the U.S. hotel industry.
    Publisher: Arthur Andersen Author: Roger Cline

  • Pre-Employment Screening: Are you legal? - The trend to check out the backgrounds of employees before they are hired is rapidly growing across the country.
    Publisher: Hospitality Net Author: Wes Franks

  • Recipe for Reinvention - The British are coming! The British are coming! Pret A Manger is a London-based company with ambitions to revolutionize that uniquely American institution: the fast-food restaurant.
    Publisher: Fast Company Author: Scott Kirsner

  • Room for Two - It's one company but two cultures. Marriott and the Ritz-Carlton work to align different approaches with common goals.
    Publisher: Author: Scott Berinato

  • Strange Brew - Beer alternatives are the hottest thing in the beverage biz.
    Publisher: Business 2.0 Author: Eric Hellweg

  • Suite Dreams - Hiltons customers can rest easy knowing the hotel chain has no reservations about delivering outstanding service.
    Publisher: CRM Magazine Author: Lisa Picarille

  • The Implications of Declining Occupancies - Given all the new hotels that have recently entered the market, the fear of over development is a major concern for U.S. hotel owners and operators.
    Publisher: PKF Consulting Author: Patrick Quek

  • Think Strawberries by Hotelier James Lavenson - Speech of famous Hotelier, the late Mr. James Lavenson, now carried in most Hotel Management textbooks. In a most pleasant manner, Mr. Lavenson shows how he took his hotel to new heights with creative management and motivational strategies (re-published with his family's permission)
    Publisher: Re-Published with Lavenson Family Permission Author: Mr. James Lavenson

  • Undeveloped Country: Timeshare Prosperity Explored - Timeshare is hot! The growth rate has been 15 percent a year for the last decade and theres no end in sight! The time to develop is now, but where?
    Publisher: Author: Ron E. Jackson

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