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  • David Meets Goliath: A Contest to Attract and Retain Employees - The chains are stepping up their recruitment and retention efforts. Industry guru Maren Hickton shares 5 key insights on perhaps the biggest issue facing the industry today...
    Publisher: Restaurantreport.com     Author: Maren L. Hickton   

  • Demand for budget rooms on increase - US-based groups are keen to expand away from their overcrowded domestic market. In the UK, the segment has been the fastest growing for five years.
    Publisher: The Financial Times     Author: The Financial Times.   

  • Entrepreneurs Looking Up - Why those in the business of tourism think outer space is travel's final frontier.
    Publisher: Fortune Small Business     Author: Heidi Ernst   

  • From Brokers to Bankers - Hotel Investment Players Change - While hotel profits and revenues continued to grow, although at a slackened pace, the hotel financing picture refocused itself. The results of PKF Consulting's 1999 Hospitality Investment Survey bear out these observations.
    Publisher: PKF Consulting     Author: Lawrence E. Henry, MAI   

  • Health Awareness and Life-Style Practices of Foodservice Employees - The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effect of foodservice employees' perception of health awareness and the desire to improve general health by participating in nutrition education and fitness session programs.
    Publisher: Journal of the International Academy of Hospitality Research     Author: Said M. Ladki, Ph.D.;Tarek Mikdashi, Ph.D.;Abdallah Dah, Ph.D.   

  • Let Them Eat Steak - They Are! - What's happening today in restaurant land? The answer is that upscale steakhouses are proliferating around the country as folks gravitate to the comfort of steaks and lobsters...
    Publisher: Restaurantreport.com     Author: Thomas J. Haas   

  • Marriott Redefines the Shared Service Model - Consolidating its finance functions did more for the hospitality giant than cut costs. By repositioning the company’s support organization, shared services also primed Marriott for aggressive global expansion.
    Publisher: Accenture     Author: Carter Anne Prescott   

  • Newer, Bigger, and Better. But Are Full-Service Hotels Feasible? - With all the new limited-service hotel construction that has occurred during the past few years, we have seen the occupancies for several markets and sub-markets drop into the low 60s or high 50s. Historically, these occupancy levels were deemed deadly for hotel survivability.
    Publisher: PKF Consulting     Author: Patrick Quek   

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