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  • (Not) the Same Old Story - Eden Alternative is a change-minded organization determined to save a critically ill patient: long-term care for the elderly. The nursing-home industry should be about living, argues founder Bill Thomas, not about dying. Here's his prescription -- and lessons for changing any industry.
    Publisher: Fast Company     Author: Chuck Salter   

  • An Introduction to the History of Plastics & Plastic Packaging Products - An series of articles providing an explanation and historical background for various plastics and products used in packaging including plastic polymers, celluloid & rayon, bakelite, polystyrene & PVC, nylon, polyethylene, and more.
    Publisher: PackagingToday.com     Author: Staff   

  • Common Negligence Issues In Cardiology - Cardiologists often manage patients with life- threatening illnesses such as those with acute myocardial infarction or congestive heart failure. Consequently it is not uncommon for cardiology patients to have poor outcomes such as death.
    Publisher: The 'Lectric Law Library     Author: Steven E. Lerner   

  • Customer Service: Commerce Bank - Commerce Bank is one of America's best-performing financial institutions, with a stock that grew more than 2,000% in 10 years. It is also America's most convenient bank, with a fanatical commitment to "wowing" its customers.
    Publisher: Fast Company     Author: Chuck Salter   

  • Developing a Balanced Scorecard to Implement Strategy at St. Elsewhere Hospital - The introduction of managed care has increased the competitive nature of the healthcare industry, so, more than ever, hospitals need to link their vision and strategy to the daily activities of their employees. The Balanced Scorecard can help them do this.
    Publisher: Management Accounting Quarterly     Author: Russ Kershaw and Susan Kershaw   

  • Digital RX - When leaders of the Detroit Medical Center launched a major financial turnaround two years ago, they saw that they had a big money problem. Here's how the DMC is using digital remedies to treat its fiscal condition.
    Publisher: Fast Company     Author: Scott Kirsner   

  • Dr. Know: Can Physicans Share Their Experience? - Healthcare is one of the world's most knowledge-intensive industries—yet the practitioners on its front lines are cut off from the network connectivity tools that could deliver information to those who need it.
    Publisher: Think Leadership Magazine from IBM     Author: Regina E. Herzlinger, DBA & Russell J. Ricci, MD   

  • Enforcement gets tougher - A primer for health-care deal makers - Fighting health-care fraud is one of the highest priorties of this national administration. Business lawyers need to understand that environment, especially when conducting due diligence in a merger or acquisition. Also, they need to be up on new privacy laws regarding patient confidentiality.
    Publisher: Business Law Today     Author: Elizabeth Swinton Schoen, Christopher Posey   

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