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  • Putting Government Reform on a Firmer Foundation - The time is right for a more integrated approach to public-sector reform in developed countries. Those governments with a clear vision and a strategic plan will be in the strongest possible position to respond to increasing demands and manage new partnerships with the private sector.
    Publisher: Accenture Author: David R. Hunter

  • Repairing the Trust - Public Sector government offices are notorious for bad customer service. Social Security is leading efforts to ruin that reputation.
    Publisher: Author: Sarah D. Scalet

  • State Corporate Taxation Of Sales to the Federal Government - This report has been prepared in response to Resolution Chapter 157, Statutes of 1998 (SCR 44, Calderon). That measure directs the Legislative Analyst's Office to study and report on California's treatment of sales of tangible personal property to the U.S. government within its formula for apportioning corporate income to California.
    Publisher: California Legislative Analyst's Office Author: Brad Williams, David Vasche

  • Targeting Jobs - Agencies have identified 500,000 positions that could be contracted out, but exactly how many will actually be outsourced isn't clear.
    Publisher: Author: Nancy Ferris

  • The Net Effect on the Nation State - The advent of the electronic economy is confronting the nation state, with intimations of a future in which its relevance to its citizens and enterprises will be challenged.
    Publisher: Accenture Author: Charles J. Doyle, Glover T. Ferguson and Hugh F. Morris

  • The Right Stuff - Unless the Pentagon breaks today's spending patterns, tomorrow's troops won't have the weapons they need.
    Publisher: Author: Katherine McIntire Peters

  • The Unique Aspects of Valuing the Stock of a Government Contractor Company - Outlines the process of valuing the stock of a government contractor company and discuss some of the unique aspects of valuing the stock for ESOP and ISOP purposes, as compared with other purposes, such as evaluating an offer to purchase all of the stock of the government contractor company.
    Publisher: Foundation for Enterprise Development Author: Ron A. Stramberg

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