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  • A Sorry State - As the country wages war, antiquated IT endangers the vital foreign policy mission of the U.S. State Department. Can a multimillion-dollar modernization effort make a difference?
    Publisher: Author: Sarah Scalet

  • Downsizing Detour - DoD managers are proving that outsourcing jobs isn't always the best way to save billions.
    Publisher: Author: George Cahlink

  • Fast.Gov - What better way to answer the call of your country than to offer the next president some management advice.
    Publisher: Fast Company Author: Daniel H. Pink

  • High Stakes, Big Bets - Tom Burbage and his 500-person team at Lockheed Martin went after the biggest military deal in U.S. history -- and scored a $200 billion victory: a contract to build the Joint Strike Fighter. They didn't play it safe; they played to win.
    Publisher: Fast Company Author: Bill Breen

  • Pay Your Taxes, Please - Under pressure from Congress, the IRS tries the polite approach.
    Publisher: Author: Gary M. Stern

  • Political Optimism: Is It in Our Genes? - In every political convention, those toiling for the candidates were optimistic that their men will win and wildly optimistic that such an outcome would have a profoundly positive effect on the future. Where does such optimism come from?
    Publisher: BioRational Institute Author: John Pugsley

  • Public Ethics and the New Managerialism - Consider some of the primary characteristics of the new public management: first, sharply reduce governmental regulations and red tape; then mix this with privatizing and contracting-out many public functions thought heretofore to be primarily governmental;...
    Publisher: Public Administration and Management Author: George Frederickson

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