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  • Hug a Screenscraper - Also known by the more flattering name of "aggregators," these web companies take their data from other people's websites--with a customer's permission. Banks initially fought back, but now are working with some of these companies.
    Publisher: ABA Banking Journal Online Author: Lauren Bielski

  • Inside The Banking System - The world of banking has dramatically changed over recent years, and now as we enter the new millennium, it's more important than ever to understand the basic system and regulatory structure banks operate under in the United States.
    Publisher: Author: Michael Sumichrast

  • Key Success Factors in Internet Banking - A strong and viable presence on the Internet is fast-becoming a prerequisite for success in the delivery of financial services.
    Publisher: E-Commerce Insights Author: Paul McAdam

  • M&A Blues: Is your bank a keeper? - It wasn't all that long ago when a bank that wanted to sell could count on getting a good price. These days community banks wonder if there will be takers at any price. Taking certain steps could improve their chances.
    Publisher: ABA Banking Journal Online Author: Steve Cocheo

  • Myth vs. Reality in Financial Services: What Your Customers Really Want - Deloitte Research surveyed top industry executives in 1998 to predict how major changes in the financial services industry would unfold. The firm has now completed the 2000 follow-up, which reveals that what consumers actually want does not match up to what executives predicted.
    Publisher: Deloitte & Touche Author: Deloitte & Touche

  • Online banking's new Spanish accent - Through a head-spinning series of mergers and partnerships, a leading Spanish financial services group is bidding to become a global player in electronic banking.
    Publisher: Accenture Author: Gregory J. Millman

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