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  • Cost of an Employee Turnover - Do you really know how much it costs when your financial institution hires a new employee? This four-page questionnaire examines the actual expenses in a number of areas.
    Publisher: AchieveMax, Inc.     Author: Harry K. Jones   

  • Customer relationship management - Every bank prides itself on having quality customer service, but the benchmarks for service are changing—so are your customers. Here are ten steps community banks can implement.
    Publisher: ABA Banking Journal Online     Author: Alex Sheshunoff   

  • Cyber-Crime's Looming Threat - Financial services are proliferating on the Internet, so can cyber-crime be far behind?
    Publisher: Banking Strategies     Author: Paul Sweeney   

  • Digital Billing: Show Me the Savings - After a slow start, banks are taking another look at electronic presentment and payment.
    Publisher: CFO.com     Author: Andrew Osterland   

  • Failure Is Not an Option - How can financial-services companies and banks improve the odds that big technology bets will pay off? At the Wall Street Solutions Center, they try before they buy.
    Publisher: Fast Company     Author: Jennifer Reingold   

  • Fannie Wants to Dominate the Web - The mortgage finance queen is locking up the online market.
    Publisher: Business 2.0     Author: Douglas Gantenbeim, Sean Donahue   

  • Foreign Exchange Markets: A Brief Tutorial - Besides being the largest financial market in the world that dramatically influences international trade, foreign exchange affects our lives in a more profound way that we may think. Here's a look at some useful terminology.
    Publisher: All-biz.com     Author: All-Biz Commerce Team   

  • Freeing the banks - What is Gramm-Leach-Bliley? It represents a comprehensive reform of the financial services industry. For the first time since the Great Depression, it permits the complete convergence of the banking industry and the insurance industry and the securities industry.
    Publisher: Business Law Today     Author: Karol K. Sparks   

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