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  • Hollywood's New Game - Technology and entertainment can mix -- if you combine the right strategy with the right kind of organization. That's the lesson behind the rise of Sega GameWorks. Although the company is based in Hollywood, the model is pure Silicon Valley.
    Publisher: Fast Company     Author: Chandler Burr   

  • IAgency Promotes - Son of the Beach - How an interactive agency enlisted the online community to catch the wave of a fledgling television series.
    Publisher: Digitrends.net     Author: Terri Danz   

  • iHollywood Forum Explores Revenue Options - Entertainment execs believe the new thing when it comes to generating revenue is to incorporate something technology-driven with something familiar.
    Publisher: Digitrends.net     Author: Ann Donahue   

  • Is Profit Possible? - Find out what revenue models a panel of online entertainment execs find most effective, and what it foresees for the future.
    Publisher: Digitrends.net     Author: Dawn Anfuso   

  • Jackpot! - A casino's big payoff came from using IT to manage customer information.
    Publisher: CIO.com     Author: Meridith Levinson   

  • Legitimate Targets? - How U.S. Media Supported War Crimes in Yugoslavia
    Publisher: Extra!     Author: Jim Naureckas   

  • Music and the Internet Revolution - The Internet has had a big impact on the music industry, raising questions about piracy, copyright infringement and licensing.
    Publisher: Free Pint     Author: Tracey Howard-Baker   

  • No Shortage of Entertainment Content - The message from the day two panels was that it’s currently a seller’s market for online entertainment content. The word on the street from attendees, however, was more along the lines of “oh yeah?”
    Publisher: Digitrends.net     Author: Dawn Anfuso   

  • Numbers Game: The Accounting Side of Pro Sports - Have you ever fantasized about hitting home runs as the Controller of your favorite team? Well, it's not all peanuts and Cracker Jack. Skyrocketing player salaries, licensing and merchandising deals, and revenue streams from stadiums are some of the curve balls that team finance managers must field. Here's how they keep score.
    Publisher: Businessfinancemag.com     Author: Cheri Gette   

  • Online Entertainment Still Not Defined - Excite@Home assembled a group of entertainment executives who agree there’s potential online, but haven’t yet found the killer app.
    Publisher: Digitrends.net     Author: Dawn Anfuso   

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