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  • Making a Profit - This is the third of four related articles. In the first installment, titled “Invisible Overhead,” we discussed many costs that get overlooked, intentionally or unintentionally, by contractors in putting together job quotes.
    Publisher: Wconline.com     Author: Jim Olsztynski   

  • Making Sense of Incentives - While money is still the root of all incentives, many states are coming up with creative ways to attract new jobs and investment, especially from high-tech industries.
    Publisher: Area Development Online     Author: Steve Stackhouse   

  • Moving Toward the Future - The dynamic new corporate headquarters building for Applied Industrial Technologies, Cleveland, is a catalyst for the development of the city’s Midtown Corridor, as well as a reflection of the company’s changing corporate culture.
    Publisher: BUILDINGS Magazine     Author: Linda K. Monroe   

  • Nonlinear Thinker - World-renowned Architect Frank Gehry talks to Darwin about how this nontechnologist uses computers to build buildings and employee confidence.
    Publisher: Darwinmag.com     Author: Daintry Duffy   

  • Planning for Comfort and Control in Year 2000 - Air-conditioning strategies create healthy, effective, energy-efficient buildings. A special report co-sponsored by Buildings and the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI).
    Publisher: BUILDINGS Magazine     Author: Maureen Patterson   

  • Plumb Bobs For The 21st Century - Laser technology sheds new light on the old tasks of determining plumb and level.
    Publisher: PM Online     Author: Steve Smith and Katie Grochowski   

  • Residential Fire Sprinkler Q & A - The notion of home fire sprinklers has been in the back of many minds for almost 30 years. Here's a rundown of common concerns about where we've been and where we may be going.
    Publisher: PMmag.com     Author: Steve Smith   

  • Smarter Homes Are No Dumb Joke - By now it's a standing gag, and not a very original one: Toasters need their own Internet addresses, so homeowners can stay in bed while browning their bagels. The real potential of home appliances connected to outside networks like the Internet is a lot more serious.
    Publisher: Business 2.0     Author: Robert Poe   

  • Straight Talk About Wood Quality - Lumber's not what it used to be, builders say, and they've got stacks of culls to prove it. Here's how to avoid quality problems and find good wood.
    Publisher: Builder Online     Author: Builder Online   

  • We Need More Female Plumbers - For this article, we took a closer look at what is attracting women to the industry, what's keeping them away and what employers can do to draw more women to the trade.
    Publisher: PMmag.com     Author: Katie Rotella   

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