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  • A Better Way - Optimum value engineering, breakthrough building practices developed in the 1960s, never achieved widespread acceptance or did they?
    Publisher: Builder Online Author: Rich Binsacca

  • A Bold Outsourcing Play by Siam Cement - One of the first companies in Asia to outsource its information technology services, the slimmed-down conglomerate is using its IT joint venture to transform its core businesses into competitive tigers.
    Publisher: Accenture Author: Kenneth Klee

  • Aging Low Flows - Who doesn't get worse for wear the older he gets? A recent study by two Arizona researchers indicates low-flow toilets aren't any different.
    Publisher: Author: Steve Smith

  • Design-Build - In a rush to get a project completed, owners and managers turn to design-build to fast track the process and ensure one point of responsibility.
    Publisher: BUILDINGS Magazine Author: Jack Klein

  • Energy Connections - With energy services in the new millennium, you can lose as well as gain.
    Publisher: BUILDINGS Magazine Author: Lewis Tagliaferre

  • Hiring and Retaining Good People - Its the biggest problem for everyone in the building trades: How do you find and keep good people?
    Publisher: Author: Jim Olsztynski

  • How To Figure Your Correct Selling Price - We concluded the last article with a sample problem, as follows. You have taken on a job for which your total cost is $1,000. You wish to make 10-percent profit on the job. How much do you charge?
    Publisher: Author: Jim Olsztynski

  • In The Client's Best Interest - LaSalle Partners Inc. believes that providing clients classic one-on-one investment development services is the only way to do business.
    Publisher: BUILDINGS Magazine Author: Clara Vangen

  • Lighten Up - Programmable lighting systems provide convenience, security, and drama at the touch of a button.
    Publisher: Builder Online Author: Rebecca Day

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