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  • Pharmacia: Making Culture a Strategic Asset - Openness, transparency and sharing resources do not always occur naturally in a large corporation, particularly one created through a merger. But these and other "positive behaviors" are critical to success, says this executive. Having presided over post-merger transition twice at the same company, he should know.
    Publisher: Accenture Author: Outlook Magazine

  • Reducing Clinical Research Time - Even slight delays in the market release of a new pharmaceutical result in substantial costs to its developing company.
    Publisher: Author: Frank S. Kilpatrick and Adelle Ricci

  • Regulatory Affairs - In a contract manufacturing relationship, who is ultimately responsible for the regulatory component?
    Publisher: Author: Sandy Hatten

  • Roche's New Scientific Method - How does a giant pharmaceutical company reckon with genomics technology? By making a fresh start in how it recruits its scientists, manages projects, and uses computers. Here's how the Roche Group is reinventing how it invents.
    Publisher: Fast Company Author: George Anders

  • Scale Up and Transfer with Manufacturing - A rugged, robust technology transfer program is necessary to make the transition to pilot-sized batches and beyond.
    Publisher: Author: Michael J. Valazza

  • Segment-based Marketing - From Dream to Reality - The authors demonstrate how targeting market segments according to the beliefs of those targeted rather than demographics can improve pharma companies' marketing efficiency ratios. (PDF file)
    Publisher: Author: Christopher B. Kuenne, and Lawrence J. Choi

  • Spin-outs on the menu? - This paper reviews the processes involved in orchestrating a successful spin-out of early research assets from a major pharmaceutical company to form an independent new company.
    Publisher: Author: Janet Dewdney; Adrian Phillips

  • Technology Transfer - the American Dream? - The transfer of technology from the research environment to industry is a major source of jobs. Recent US legislation has greatly accelerated the exploitation of federally funded research.
    Publisher: Author: M. Schmiemann; R. Dekeyser

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