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  • Managing Innovation - Intent on improving its ability to bring new drugs to market, global pharmaceutical company Glaxo Wellcome embarked on a comprehensive redesign of its clinical development processes.
    Publisher: Accenture Author: Harvey D. Shapiro

  • Mastering Change: a Company Commitment - Staying current must be a company commitment, involving every individual from the top down, because it involves both people and equipment.
    Publisher: Author: Anne Garstka & Donald Hagman

  • Maximizing Efficiency and Organiaztion in the Contract Laboratory - Although it is a challenge, a contract laboratory can meet and exceed customer expectations while also meeting deadlines, maintaining compliance, preserving data integrity and delivering high quality laboratory service.
    Publisher: Author: Dianna Casner

  • Navigating Through a Biotechnology Valuation - With a series of recent product development disappointments faced by biotech companies, the market has lost some of its enthusiasm for biotech stocks.
    Publisher: PricewaterhouseCoopers Author: Walter Bratic, Patricia Tilton, Mira Balakrishnan

  • One-Stop Shopping: The Next Trend - For big pharma, mergers and acquisitions are a means of boosting drug pipelines, improving efficiencies and enhancing R&D. The rationale is somewhat different for outsourcing companies.
    Publisher: Author: Gil Roth

  • Outsourcing Natural Product Services - A look at key components for outsourcing services for natural product R&D and manufacturing.
    Publisher: Author: John Atwater

  • Pharma-Physician E-Hubs - Pharma-physician e-hubs may potentially boost product sales by fostering discussion in the medical community from the development stage and into product launch and beyond. (PDF file)
    Publisher: Author: Paul Bleicher, David Van Cleave, Gilbert Benghiat, Michael Ball

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