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  • eBusiness Communities - For pharmaceutical and biotech drug development sponsors with outsourcing needs, the debate between ‘one-stop shopping’ and ‘a la carte’ specialty outsourcing partners rages on.
    Publisher: Contractpharma.com     Author: Rhonda Shrader   

  • Explained: Coping with drugs - How new drugs get through the FDA's approval process.
    Publisher: Red Herring Magazine     Author: Alan Zeichick   

  • Full-Time Equivalent Agreements - An increasing number of pharmaceutical companies are recognizing the numerous benefits of establishing long-term outsourcing strategies with contract re-search organizations (CROs).
    Publisher: Contractpharma.com     Author: Thomas Wilson, Magdalena Mejillano, Eleanor Freeman, Kimberly Gordon, Mary Ann Czech   

  • Gaining a Competitive Edge From Strategic Outsourcing - Outsourcing has long been a useful tactic in the pharmaceutical industry for containing costs and meeting surges in product demand. Recently volumes have grown rapidly for outsourcers, exceeding the industry’s growth rate.
    Publisher: Contractpharma.com     Author: Patrick Kager & Susan Dettmar   

  • Great Genes - Lee Hartwell's research just won him a nobel prize. Eventually, it may also help to prevent cancer.
    Publisher: Business 2.0     Author: Bill Richards   

  • Health, wealth and more wealth - Wall Street is abuzz with genomics, and it has good reason. Genomics holds the promise of curing or preventing some of the most common human diseases: heart disease, cancer, arthritis, diabetes.
    Publisher: Upside.com     Author: Lily Louie   

  • Identifying and Selecting Outsourcing Providers - The process of identifying and selecting an outsource provider is one of the most important steps in the research, development and manufacturing of many pharmaceutical products.
    Publisher: Contractpharma.com     Author: Thomas Handel   

  • Keys to Successful Outsourcing - In order to keep pace with new scientific developments and evaluate the usefulness of potential drug compounds more efficiently, a number of companies in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries have turned to contract chemistry R&D providers.
    Publisher: Contractpharma.com     Author: Harold Meckler & Kenton Shultis   

  • Lilly's R&D Prescription - How does pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly accelerate the pace while reducing the cost of innovation? By corralling scientists around the world in a Web-based system of eR&D.
    Publisher: Fast Company     Author: Bill Breen   

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