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  • Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing - Given the financial realities in the pharmaceutical industry today, there is intensifying pressure to decrease time to market and raise productivity, while containing costs for both facilities and R&D staff.
    Publisher: Contractpharma.com     Author: Jim Wilkins   

  • Biotech Spin-Offs Seek New Orbits - Spinning off new companies from within existing ones has been one of the main drivers of expansion in the biotech universe.
    Publisher: Signals     Author: Jennifer Van Brunt   

  • Biotech, Medical Device Companies Encounter Prop. 65 - It began as a routine merger. An established Southern California biotechnology company was acquiring a smaller firm to expand its capabilities and reach. The new company would immediately become a world leader in its field. A crucial detail interrupted the process, however: Proposition 65.
    Publisher: Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison     Author: John E. Carlson ; Mary L. Walker ; Kenneth L. Waggoner   

  • Biotech: Don't call it a comeback - It's with no little irony that biotechnology stands strong and tall today while other high-tech investments flounder badly -- need we mention dotcom?
    Publisher: Upside.com     Author: Lily Louie   

  • Clinical Trials And the Internet - The brave new world of internet technology may change the CRO industry as we know it.
    Publisher: Contractpharma.com     Author: Sarah W. Madley   

  • Design and Commissioning Of a Contract API Facility - When we decided to enter the Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) market, we embarked on the planning and implementation process to provide a “best in class” manufacturing facility in full compliance with current good manufacturing practices (cGMP).
    Publisher: Contractpharma.com     Author: Ralph Tyree   

  • Drowning in Information but Thirsting for Knowledge - The abundance of data that inundates the drug pipeline can become an information-laden resource when you understand the role of knowledge discovery in drug development. (PDF file)
    Publisher: PharmaPortal.com     Author: Stephan Ogenstad and Christos Hatzis   

  • Drug Companies on Speed - The marriage of IT and medical research may be just what traditional pharmaceutical companies need to survive in an increasingly competitive field.
    Publisher: CIO.com     Author: Stephanie Overby   

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