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  • Full Bore Into Business - Reid F. Engstrom, director of IS at Harley-Davidson, talks about IT's role in developing business strategies for his company's growth.
    Publisher: Network Computing     Author: Doug Barney   

  • GM Proves E-Business Matters - Slow and steady no longer wins the race. E-business teaches GM to embrace risk and leave a lumbering legacy behind.
    Publisher: CIO.com     Author: Derek Slater   

  • GM's new thin client - General Motors wants to compete by making each of its cars a node on the information highway. Here's why it won't work.
    Publisher: Red Herring Magazine     Author: Peter D. Henig   

  • How ERP Systems Must Meet the Challenges of Automotive Suppliers - Being competitive in the automotive industry requires adopting new management methodologies, such as just-in-time, electronic data communications, and work order-less scheduling and billing. Packaged ERP systems are now incorporating functionality to support these new methodologies.
    Publisher: Automfg.com     Author: Lawrence S. Gould   

  • Learning to Change - Donnee Ramelli • The president of General Motors University talks about how the automaker improves itself one employee at a time.
    Publisher: DestinationCRM.com     Author: Jeffrey Bartlett   

  • Lightening Up for the 21st Century - The new century's materials are the same as the old, only a little lighter
    Publisher: Wards Interactive     Author: Drew Winter and Tom Murphy   

  • Motor City Shakeup - In an industry where smart use of supply information can save billions, big carmakers and suppliers are struggling over who will own the electronic flow of information. It's a fight that may be coming to an industry near you.
    Publisher: Darwinmag.com     Author: Christopher Koch   

  • Reinventing ERP after Y2K - The "e" in e-commerce is being added to what has traditionally been viewed as a transaction-based back-office system: ERP. This is making ERP more an equal partner in front-office customer interactions.
    Publisher: Automfg.com     Author: Lawrence S. Gould   

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