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  • A Whole New Chapter - American uses TWA's bankruptcy filing skillfully in its acquisition, adding pressure on rival United.
    Publisher: CFO Magazine     Author: Nikos Valance   

  • Aircraft Off the Books - Off-balance-sheet loans, while not as common as leases, are gaining favor among companies reluctant to list aircraft on their financial statements.
    Publisher: AircraftBuyer.com     Author: Robert A. Searles   

  • Asia Airports, Going South - There’s more room for cargo, so when will the new business come?
    Publisher: Air Cargo World Online     Author: P.T. Bangsberg   

  • Business Fights Back: Continental's Turnaround Pilot - Before September 11, Bonnie Reitz was a central figure in the transformation that saved Continental Airlines. Now, in the aftermath of terror, she gets to do it all over again: "This is our time to lead. How we respond can set us apart."
    Publisher: Fast Company     Author: Keith H. Hammonds   

  • Closing the Deal (Financing, Insurance, Title Searches) - Closing the sales transaction for an aircraft, like closing on the purchase of a home, can be both exciting and daunting. It pays to shop for the best financing and insurance deals.
    Publisher: AircraftBuyer.com     Author: AircraftBuyer.com   

  • Delivering E-Commerce - The retail world is in upheaval over e-commerce — can transport carriers be far behind?
    Publisher: Air Cargo World Online     Author: Satish Jindel   

  • Delta's Web Strategy Takes Flight - Delta is flying high on the Web -- thanks to a bunch of smart dotcom partnerships. Here's how one big company is making the Web connection.
    Publisher: Fast Company     Author: Keith H. Hammonds   

  • Financing General Aviation Resale Aircraft - The process of getting a firm loan commitment to make funds available for the purchase of a new or used general aviation aircraft can be a complex project.
    Publisher: AircraftBuyer.com     Author: AircraftBuyer.com   

  • Freight Down Under - Australia’s economy is stable, but the problems of trading partners show just how perishable air trade can be.
    Publisher: Air Cargo World Online     Author: P.T. Bangsberg   

  • Most Bang for the Buck - British Airways's "Fly Flat. Fly Free." campaign wasn't only cost-effective; it brought in customers by the flatbed truckload.
    Publisher: Business 2.0     Author: Stephanie Clifford   

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